4 Tips For Storing Weed

No matter how you feel about cannabis, it’s important to understand the best ways to store it. Improper storage can decrease the quality and potency of your weed, which is why we’ve put together four tips to help you out. Keep reading to learn more!

Make Sure Your Weed Is Kept At The Right Temperature

To keep mold from growing on your marijuana, make sure the bud is kept at 77°F or less. Too much heat can also dry out and damage it; this will decrease potency due to ruins throughout its structure which are more susceptible than normal when exposed directly during storage periods between 20-30% above freezing (32 °F). Be careful with refrigeration too – fluctuations cause random changes in humidity levels causing even greater risks for developing fungi such as mildew.

Keep Cannabis At An Ideal Humidity

Moisture is the key to keeping your cannabis fresh. Too much and you risk mold; too little will lead it to become brittle or dry out completely! Humidity levels in a room affect how well humidity encompasses around 60%-65%, which means that if there’s not enough water vapor present then particles of dust can settle on top more easily than expected due to this difference between high 30% RH air (with low concentration) versus lower 50+ percent regional averages seen during summer months alone.

Store Your Weed In The Dark

It’s important to keep marijuana out of direct sunlight, the darker your dose will be. UV rays can degrade cannabinoids and studies have shown this is what leads to them deteriorating faster than other factors such as rain or heat exposure – so if you’re going outdoors with some bud feel free but make sure it’s well hidden from any windows!

Keep It In Airtight Containers

Some people like to store their marijuana in airtight containers, but this is not necessary if you are going to use it within a couple of months. If they intend on using more than one jar or container at once then vacuum sealing would be best for them because that way nothing will degrade before long and all those precious cannabinoids stay safe inside! To make sure everything lasts as long as possible we recommend storing your bud somewhere cool with little exposure to sunlight.

How Long Can Weed Be Stored?

Cannabis has a shelf life of approximately two years, but the best way to monitor and control the environment is through measurement. A hydrometer will tell you whether your cannabis needs more or less moisture so it does not spoil prematurely.

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